The Garden




This is the progress I had so far until the middle of last week. Then everything started blooming.

There are three cherry tomatoes , romaine lettuce ready for harvest.

My grandson, who is almost nine, is here for the summer. The first place he goes of a morning is outside to check to see what has changed with the garden during the night.  He loves to water at night.

In one of the pictures, you can see one of our other projects, glow in the dark rocks. Just remember to watch which way the nozzle on the spray can is pointing. lol  I had to stop my grandson before he got a face full of paint.  Our other glow in the dark projects will be a large flower pot and the bird bath. What a sight that will be.

We have been baking and cooking every day.  I find that the things he cooks, it is easier for him to try new foods. I bought him a small cookbook and he picks recipes to try several times a week. I will try to snap a picture or two of his favorites.

I will be back tomorrow with the latest saga from grandma in the country.





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